Double spindle CNC lathe DKCK-ST80

Double-spindle CNC lathe(DKCK-ST80),equals two sets of high precision CNC lathes,combined with automatic loading and unloading conveyor.It occupies less working space,avoids workpiece injury,saves energy,has high efficiency etc.

Vertical turning center DKCK-DL5

The DKCK-DL5 vertical turning center is able to machine workpieces having a maximum diameter of up to 300 mm. TheDKCK- DL5 is one of DIKE's modular turning centers that stand out by their very compact design.The DKCK-DL5 also features an integrated pick-up automation system.

Double spindle compound turning center

DKCK-CX300 is a large-scale compound processing machine tool, equipped with 2 spindles and 2 turrets, with functions such as turning, milling, drilling, and tapping.

DKCK-DE1200 double head lathe

The DKCK-DE1200 double-head lathe is suitable for the processing of longer bars or pipe parts with higher coaxiality at both ends. In addition to the cutting function with universal CNC lathe, it can complete the efficient, automatic and precise machining of cylindrical, conical, stepped shaft, end face, boring, grooving, thread, circular arc surface, etc. It also has the function of double-sided turning, the workpiece from the middle Clamping, simultaneous processing at both ends.

Double spindle double back turret CNC machine tool DKCK-D100

The DKCK-D100 dual-spindle dual-back turret CNC machine tool is a dual-spindle, dual-back turret, and dual-channel composite CNC lathe

Automatic CNC lathe DKCK-M5

DKCK-M5 Automatic Lathe combines structure of strong horsepower, fast machining, high efficiency, high rigidity.

Automatic double-head chamfering machine DKCK-SMD series

Fully automatic CNC double-head chamfering machine adopts Siemens controlling system ,with servo system control of feeding device and special changing type for blade and clamp

DKCK-DN Series Double Spindle Vertical Grinding Machine

The dual-spindle model can be equipped with high and low-speed grinding wheels, or with one vertical and one horizontal spindles for high efficiency use. It is suitable for machining the inner and outer diameters and end surface grinding of heavy and non-circular workpieces.

Double spindle single turret double grinding head

Double spindle single turret double grinding head

Double spindle single turret double Y axis single grinding head

Double spindle single turret double Y axis single grinding head



Iranian customer chooses automatic CNC lathe for producing bearing rings

Iran's largest bearing manufacturer——Iran Bearing Company, a team of 5 people visited the factory and purchased a bearing ring production line

Turkish customer orders special CNC lathe

Turkish customer came to DIKE factory to order special CNC lathes. For turning engine valve guides.


Parts processing video display—— Customized automated processing solutions based on customer parts


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