Automatic CNC lathe DKGP-36P series

45° slant bed, stable performance, smooth chip removal, best choice for high precision auto machining.

Automatic CNC lathe DKCK-X100 series

The fully automatic CNC lathe adopts the Siemens system, equipped with a built-in high-speed truss manipulator, which can realize the rapid processing of parts with the vibration plate and the turntable silo. Can be combined with the steering chuck for single-clamping, multi-face machining, such as cross universal joints, L-joints.

CNC automatic lathe DKCK-PS100 series

The CNC lathe is controlled by Siemens CNC system, and the horizontal and vertical are driven by servo. The robot automatically feeds, and the fastest feeding speed is only 0.5 seconds. According to the processing procedure, multiple wiring lines can be designed to realize one-man multi-machine automatic processing. Suitable for mass production of high precision parts.

Automatic bearing ring production line

The DKCK-LF-35 series CNC lathe production line is suitable for automatic machining and large-scale mass production of high-precision bearing rings.


Automatic bearing ring production line (four lines) DK-CS80 series

Suitable for automatic machining and large-scale mass production of bearing rings.

Double spindle CNC lathe DKCK-ST80

Double-spindle CNC lathe(DKCK-ST80),equals two sets of high precision CNC lathes,combined with automatic loading and unloading conveyor.It occupies less working space,avoids workpiece injury,saves energy,has high efficiency etc.

Automatic hydraulic lathe DK-CS80 series

Suitable for machining automotive parts, bearing rings, complex shafts and sleeves.


Suitable for one type of batch production

DK-HP62 Hydraulic Lathe

Automatic lathe using computer programming control, horizontal and vertical by the hydraulic drive. Automatically load by robot, The fastest feeding speed of only 0.5 second. implement fully automatic machining by connecting several DK-CS80 high precision machines in one line. Suitable for one type of batch production.


1. Main Technical Parameters
Items Unit Parameter
Working Scope Max. Clamping Diameter mm Ø10 ~ 120
Lathing Length mm 80
Spindle Motor Output Power kw 3 ~ 5.5
Max. RPM r / min 800 ~ 3000
Hydraulic Pump Output Power kw 1.5
Max. Stroke for Slide Z-axis mm 200
X-axis mm 200
Device Precision Radial Run-out mm <0.01
Axial Run-out mm <0.01
Repositioning Precision mm <0.01
Device Dimensions(L*W*H) mm 1800 * 2000 * 1800
Net Weight kg 1300
Pneumatic Parts AirTAC
Guide Linear Guide (HIWIN Taiwan)
Screw Ball Screw (HIWIN Taiwan)
Control System PLC
Drive Type Servo Motor
ELectricity Parts Schneider (France)
Spindle Spindle unit (HRB Bearing)
2. Bearing Ring Machining Precision(Unit:mm)
Inner Ring Outer Ring
Item Standard Item Standard
Reposition deviation for Diameter dimensions <0.02 Reposition deviation for Diameter dimensions <0.02
Wall thickness deviation <0.02 Wall thickness deviation <0.02
Roundness <0.02 Roundness <0.02
Reposition deviation for dust-proof groove height <±0.02 Reposition deviation for dust-proof groove height <±0.02
Roughness ≤1.6 Roughness ≤1.6

Machine Composition





DKGP-36P Hydraulic Composition

DKGP-36P Electrical Composition

Conveyor Solution

DK-HP62 Machining Line

DK-HP62 Machining Line

Four automatic lathes can be connected to achieve the loading and unloading, clamping, machining of the process, can greatly improve productivity, especially for large quantities of small parts machining.



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