Automatic CNC lathe DKCK-M5

DKCK-M5 Automatic Lathe combines structure of strong horsepower, fast machining, high efficiency, high rigidity.

Double spindle CNC lathe DKCK-ST80

Double-spindle CNC lathe(DKCK-ST80),equals two sets of high precision CNC lathes,combined with automatic loading and unloading conveyor.It occupies less working space,avoids workpiece injury,saves energy,has high efficiency etc.

DKCK-LF35 series automatic CNC lathe

Apply to machining for automative parts, bearing ring, complex shafts and ring parts.

Automatic double-head chamfering machine DKCK-SMD series

Fully automatic CNC double-head chamfering machine adopts Siemens controlling system ,with servo system control of feeding device and special changing type for blade and clamp

Slant bed CNC lathe three connection DKCK-M5

DKCK-M5 series slant bed CNC lathe, combining high horsepower, fast processing, high efficiency and high rigidity structure, is an ideal choice for bearing ring processing, complex ring type, sleeve type, shaft type disk parts.

Double spindle CNC lathe for long bar processing—DKCK-GT36

DKCK-GT36 long bar material double-spindle mobile CNC lathe: the A-axis head is not moved, the 90° tool holder moves, the B-spindle is docked, and the two spindles are processed at the same time, and the material is automatically loaded and unloaded. Achieve both sides of long bar parts Processing simultaneously One-time processing is completed, and chip removal is convenient.



The DKCK-DE1200 double-head lathe is suitable for the processing of longer bars or pipe parts with higher coaxiality at both ends.Main features:

1. The middle part of the workpiece is clamped, and both ends are processed simultaneously.

2. Have two sets of skateboards and worktables, and control them separately.

3, the overall cast iron base, iron filings and coolant separate box collection, easy to clean.

4. The spindle adopts stepless speed regulation and has constant line speed processing function to meet the requirements of different diameter processing surfaces.

5. The CNC system adopts Siemens system, which is easy to operate and stable and reliable.

6. The bed rail is inductively quenched and precision grounded. The vertical and horizontal sliding guide rails are made of F4 composite material, which has good shock resistance and wear resistance.

7. The machine tool has good rigidity and large motor power, which can meet the requirements of large cutting amount.

Processing length                          < 1200mm     

main motor power                          7.5KW

Maximum spindle speed                 3000r/min

Spindle runout                                <0.005

positioning accuracy                       <0.005

Repeatpositioning accuracy            <0.003

Dimensions                                     2500*1770*2100

Pump head                                      45M

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